Random thought: Yesterday, I heard @marco talk about multiple photo libraries (on ATP, of course) and he used the phrase ‘the real copy’ which has been bouncing around in my head since. I’ve been enough of an academic during the 90s to find that concept superinteresting :-)

Sometimes it really helps to expect the worst. You can get pleasantly surprised when things don’t go as badly as you’d feared.

I am not the music festival kind of person and it’s been years since I seriously considered returning to Roskilde. But the line-up this year…oh, dear. NIN, Nick Cave, Chelase Wolfe, Massive Attack…the list goes on and on…

Hey, Anders! Yes, boss? I think you should take the rest of afternoon off today! Why, thanks, boss, don’t mind if I do! #selfemployed

I have found a new everyday Law. Whenever I think I have a bit of free time one or more of my iOS devices start acting up. Today it’s a laggy Apple TV and a battery-chugging Siri. sigh