Idea for a short story

Recently I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at writing af couple of short stories - probably some sort of scifi.

My first plot idea revolves around a global movement of about 10.000 people hoping to reverse climate change - by trying to force the hands of politicians, companies and citizens.

They are basically implanting themselves with tiny explosive devices and connecting the triggers to data about the CO2-levels - so if they rise above a certain value, the bombs go off.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea - and I’m pretty sure it would be fun to take a shot at fleshing it out ⌨️

The (European) future of AI

I finally got around to reading (some of) this report on the future of French and European AI (research, business and everyday life).

It may be a bit short on concrete advice but it has a lot of good perspective and some very good suggestions for general direction, a few pertinent warnings and a healthy dose of fascinated scepticism (if that’s a thing).

Time flies...

Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Sadly, they got divorced back in ‘84, but it is nonetheless rather weird to think about them in their late 20s - getting hitched and embarking on a new adventure.

It feels especially crazy to contemplate since I’m now roughly 18 years older than they were then…

I KNOW WWDC is all about software. And I really like the fact that it seems Apple are focusing on performance and tweaks rather than radically new features. But man, I had my hopes up for a MacBook Pro replacement for my old machine…

Ah well, it may still come soon, I guess?

I’m trying out as a true lifelog (within limits of reason in regards to private life), so I feel the need to also record the fact that I had a complete breakdown of my normally well-controlled lifestyle.

So I think I had about 3000 calories worth of snacks last night, and though most of it was sort of healthy-ish (yoghurt, raisins, nuts, etc), I ate way, way too much and ended up bloated with food and contempt for myself. I simply couldn’t stop. It was very strange. I live healthily enough that I can survive and come back to my regular weight and habits. So it’s not that I suddenly will gain 20 kg, but it was an extreme experience of lack of restraint, even long after my stomach told me it could hold no more.

I’m trying to frame it as a rare black swan-type of lifestyle breakdown event - something I won’t experience again any time soon (hopefully), and something I’ll be able to chalk up as input for renewed examination of my routines, ways of thinking, etc.

I’m afraid I Instagrammed this already, but I really want to it, too (is a verb now?)

My Saturday evening dram was a pale, but very tasty Penderyn Dragon Myth single malt from Wales(!).