My boss has just decided to let everyone off early - so I’m out into a perfect and sunny afternoon. I love being self-employed.

One of the #firstworldproblems of having a beard is that I feel I constantly need to update profile photos everywhere to reflect the different styles and lengths and the accelerating intrusion of grey hairs…

My has rekindled my curiousity about other alternatives like Mastodon and Diaspora (again). And I do still post to Twitter and Instagram. I think I’m in serious risk of developing SSPD - Split Social Personality Disorder…

Bleach is still a goddam good first album. So much drive and energy (and anger - which can help focus when working, I find) 🎸

I probably shouldn’t say too much, but I’m in ‘negotiations’ with a company about a podcast production. We’re trying to work out whether they’re sponsoring or if the podcast will be produced as a collaboration between us. Has implications for both budget and journalistic freedom.

I’m still messing about a bit with and it’s various features - and I have a question: It seems the only place I can toggle crossposting to Twitter on an individual post basis is the iOS app - not on the site, not in the macOS app. Am I missing something? Tnx!

I have just taken delivery of 16 square meters of artificial grass for our balconies. The wonders of modern living….

[DK] Hvis nogen derude skulle have lyst til at følge med i min nye micro.flow podcast, så kan man bruge feedet her: (tilføjes i din podcast-app).

Det er som nævnt i episode 1 endnu bare en test, men jeg kan egentlig meget godt lide ideen, så jeg håber jeg finder overskud til at fortsætte 😀

(I episode 1 fortæller jeg, meget meta-agtigt, om mit eksperiment med

Test: Første Episode Af micro.flow

Jeg er - som man måske har opdaget - igang med at udforske Og en af de ting jeg leger med, er ideen om microcasting - små podcasts, som blandt andet kan deles nemt dér i feedet.

Jeg har en vag idé om at micro.flow kan være en slags companion-podcast til min “rigtige” podcast work.flow, men lad os nu se.

Foreløbig er dette afgjort en test 🎤🤪

New music (for me)

Just going on a streaming deep dive (clicking ‘similar artists’ repeatedly) and I’ve discovered Bardo Pond, and in particular the Lapsed album