I am not the music festival kind of person and it’s been years since I seriously considered returning to Roskilde. But the line-up this year…oh, dear. NIN, Nick Cave, Chelase Wolfe, Massive Attack…the list goes on and on…

Hey, Anders! Yes, boss? I think you should take the rest of afternoon off today! Why, thanks, boss, don’t mind if I do! #selfemployed

I have found a new everyday Law. Whenever I think I have a bit of free time one or more of my iOS devices start acting up. Today it’s a laggy Apple TV and a battery-chugging Siri. sigh

It seemed like a good idea at the time. To avoid the hussle of finding a hotel room by taking the overnight ferry. I’ll even say I felt a touch of rock’n’roll when I booked the ticket. But right now, right here, I’m just damn tired and would like to sleep in my bed, please.

Log - not log.

This is a cheat-post. I didn’t want to break the chain of writing to my micro.blog every day, but I really don’t have anything fantastic to log - and I’m really not in the mood for prolonged introspection. So for now, I’ll just post this as a marker of a somewhat shitty day. I’m out.

Today, I gave a keynote on AI (less technical, more on background and societal impact) to a room of developers. Scary stuff. I told them to throw things at me if I said something completely stupid, and I’m happy to report no launching of objects 😀 #proud

Idea for a short story

Recently I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at writing af couple of short stories - probably some sort of scifi.

My first plot idea revolves around a global movement of about 10.000 people hoping to reverse climate change - by trying to force the hands of politicians, companies and citizens.

They are basically implanting themselves with tiny explosive devices and connecting the triggers to data about the CO2-levels - so if they rise above a certain value, the bombs go off.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea - and I’m pretty sure it would be fun to take a shot at fleshing it out ⌨️

The (European) future of AI

I finally got around to reading (some of) this report on the future of French and European AI (research, business and everyday life).


It may be a bit short on concrete advice but it has a lot of good perspective and some very good suggestions for general direction, a few pertinent warnings and a healthy dose of fascinated scepticism (if that’s a thing).