BTW, I got so annoyed with the Instapaper GDPR f-up, that I deleted my account and switched (back) to Pocket (Premium). (Which I’d been contemplating since they were snapped up by Pinterest…).

Looking forward to a couple of very diverse days of work: podcasting about water pollution and tech news, moderating events on dark matter, the colonization of Mars and gut microbiomes, and giving a short talk on AI.

The jigsaw puzzle of being a independent journo…

Today, I celebrated my 500-day anniversary of walking at least 10.000 steps a day. It’s silly, but I am a little bit proud of that 😜

Yes, Anders. A great moment to choose to re-index Dropbox on your Mac - just as you were beginning work on a large podcast project…

I’m at a seminar. Some guy giving a presentation just used the phrase ‘a three-sided circle of a problem’ - and I can’t figure out if it’s really clever or just meaningless…

Arbejde på fridage

[DK] Generelt tror jeg egentlig ikke, at jeg arbejder voldsomt meget mere end 40 timer om ugen - men jeg synes det er svært at strukturere tiden, så jeg ikke skal lave ting i weekenden, og altså på helligdage som i dag.

Og så er det generelt ret svært at flytte det mentale fokus, selv når jeg ikke sidder og laver konkrete opgaver, synes jeg. Ah, well. Måske bliver det lettere, når jeg har været selvstændig længe (og forhåbentlig har lid færre, men større, projekter…)?

I’m backing up my to Github. Just got this: “A dependency defined in Gemfile.lock has known security vulnerabilities and should be updated.” Something any of you guys know about?

Project overload

I really need to stop getting sucked into all these ideas for wast…ehm, doing creative stuff… Right now I want to play with microcasting, indieweb, musicapps, backupservices and a thousand other things. That’s it for today, though. Off to bed!